My first memory of Hyperhidrosis was when I was a kid on the playground. My friends wanted me to join them on the monkey bars. I remember telling myself

“I can’t because my hands are so sweaty, I’ll slip right off!"

Before I turned 6 all I knew were things I couldn’t do. I remember constantly thinking,

“I can’t because my feet are so sweaty, my legs are so sweaty, my underarms are sweaty, I can’t do it!”

Even minor everyday things were difficult. For goodness sake, holding a pencil was a battle!

I kept thinking that I just need someone to show me how and tell me how to be normal in a world that doesn’t see Hyperhidrosis. Even as an adult, I find myself feeling the same way. I don’t know anyone like me. I don’t know anyone who has tried to solve their constant sweating the same way I have. Even when I do meet someone who has Hyperhidrosis I think “Oh their sweating can’t be as bad as mine because they seem fine.”

Apparently, I come off the same way- fine. More than fine actually. Most people had no idea Hyperhidrosis affects me the way it has. This is partly because I’ve hid it so well. For the longest time I didn’t want to talk about it, I didn’t want sympathy for it, I didn’t want to be seen as gross, and I didn’t want people to know that I felt like I was drowning. Yet, I desperately wanted someone to just know without me having to say it.

A part of learning to live with Hyperhidrosis is talking about it and embracing its quirks.

My hope for How to Hyperhidrosis is to show people that there is hope. You can shake hands, you can wear sandals, and there will be a day when you can share your story with your family and friends and not feel ashamed.