Medical Tests and Treatments for Injuries

Ankle Injury

Sprained my ankle dancing the night away while celebrating in Nashville, Tennessee. Slipped in my heels!

Test: MRI
Requirement: Lay flat, no movement for 40+ minutes
What happened: I kept feeling the moisture build up around my foot, making my foot slide
Fixer: After reminding me a handful of times I needed to stop moving, I admitted I needed a towel because my foot kept slipping from my sweaty feet. 
Lifestyle change: My ankle was swollen, so I was unable to wear my sneakers. I had to wrap my ankle everyday. The rubbing of the ankle brace and my sweat caused water blisters. I also had to wear sandals.Yet, because my feet were so sweaty my feet continued to slip out of them. 

Wrist Injury

While playing goalie during a co-ed soccer game, I blocked a shot and it broke my wrist!  

Test: X-ray
Requirement: Quick, movement of hand to obtain many viewpoints of injured area
What happened: Many puddles were made. 
Fixer: I was unable to use a towel, so I disclosed to the X-ray tech my sweaty situation.
While in the cast, I picked up an old hobby of painting to entertain my bored/restricted self.
Lifestyle change: I had to wear a cast. Casts are not supposed to get wet on the outside, let alone the inside. I also had to be cautious of infections due to the pins placed in my wrist during surgery. Moisture trapped in my cast made me more prone to infection. Therefore, I refrained from exercise and known triggers of sweat. Due to a contraindication, I was unable to take my sweaty oral medication with the narcotics I was prescribed for pain. I maintained my sweat by having a large fan blowing into my cast. Also, I was unable to work or drive. 

The support of my  family was KEY! They helped me comb my hair in the morning, shave my armpits, button/zip my pants up, and much more! 

Wrist Recovery

As a result of wearing a cast for 6 weeks, I had reduced mobility in my hand and wrist. Occupational Therapy assisted this phase to regain function.

Test: None
Requirement: 1 hour every week with an Occupational Therapist. They performed manual exercises that pushed, pulled, and bent my hand, fingers, and wrist. I had to spend a few hours a day doing these on my own. I also had to practice functional activities (turning a door knob, holding a utensil, wiping my booty, lifting a coffee cup)
What happened: I cried a lot at home and during therapy. Being consistent with my exercises was necessary and painful. I stopped using the narcotic after two weeks because I started to have dependency on it for sleep. Once I stopped the pain medication, I was able to take my sweaty oral medication. Unfortunately,  it didn't always help reduce my sweat when I wanted it to (during occupational therapy)
Fixer: I reminded myself this was temporary. Finding additional outlets like painting was helpful to focus my energy in a positive way. I disclosed my sweaty situation to my Occupational Therapists  because my sweat would not allow for the grip/resistance they needed for an exercise. From that point forward many TOWELS were used to assist!
Lifestyle change: It was difficult for me to understand that it would take time for my body to regain muscle and strength to lift myself off of the floor.  It opened my eyes to the various avenues of stress relief (before I depended on physical workouts but now I was unable to do that). 

Most importantly, I learned how to ask for help and how to be honest about what I need. Towels made such a huge impact on my ability to feel comfortable and perform as needed. It is also imperative to surround yourself with people who are willing to listen and be supportive.  

To regain function on my hand, I had to expose my sweat to so many people. It made me feel extremely vulnerable and weak but ultimately gave me the opportunity to embrace a part of me I always hid.