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Embracing Our Sweat Through Art

I channel my inner creativity as designer Emilie Hahn walks us through how to make a cut paper self-portrait.

Hyperhidrosis in Research & From a Provider Perspective

I was excited to get to talk with Dr. Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic- Medical doctor, Resident of family medicine, and Founder of Hidroxa about her research studying the impact of Hyperhidrosis in children and the challenges Hyperhidrosis patients face with medical providers.

Hyperhidrosis Mental Health & International Advocacy

My Life As a Puddle: Maria Thomas talks Hyperhidrosis Mental Health with Sweaty Girl Club, Courtney McMurter

Martin Kimamo from Hyperhidrosis Awareness Kenya is joined with a new Hyperhidrosis advocate 
from Slovenia, Alenka Meznar from Hiperhidrozaslovenija