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Oral Medication


It was the first time in my life that I felt I had a chance. It was also when I realized how much Hyperhidrosis demands of me. For the first time in my life, I could leave the house without a sweater. That was a huge deal because I would have panic attacks if I didn't have my sweater. It was my security blanket and great at hiding my sweat!

When I started to take Propantheline, I finally felt free. I was dry! My mind felt lighter because now I had room in my life to live instead of worry about my sweat. It was during this time, I started to see how much Hyperhidrosis impacted my life. It was like the clouds had cleared and for the first time in my life, I could see. That sounds dramatic but its the truth. This was a first of many positive shifts in my journey with Hyperhidrosis.
Propantheline changed my life PERIOD.

I learned that a pill won't cure me.
I still had more work to do because I had spent my entire life conditioning my body to fear EVERYTHING. Now with a dryer body, I had to undo years of poor coping habits. In doing so, I had to start believing "I am more than Hyperhidrosis"


Be careful for what you wish for !
I wanted to be dry and best believe my entire body became dry. While I had this reaction, I've heard many people who had zero side effects. Yet, I want to be transparent with my experience because this can happen with ANY anticholinergic drug; not just this one.

I started on 1 mg and it did absolutely nothing. They increased my dose to 2 mg. Within 30-45 minutes I could be dry! *edited-previous post had incorrect doses*

Here's when the real party started!

Within a few days on 2 mg of Glycopyrrolate, I started to experience
1. Extreme congestion
2. Constipation
3. Constant sneezing every few seconds (this is not an exaggeration). I was literally sneezing non stop!
4. It disrupted my vaginally flora causing THREE bacterial infections down there.

It was a desert storm!

TMI? Hey ! If we are going to be talking about groin sweat on this page I have to share when its dry down there too!

In any case, I stopped the medication after a week. It still took about a month to regain normal bodily functions.

 Reminder: This can happen with any anticholinergic drug. My body just didnt respond well to this one.


Can we get a round of sweaty applause for the Hyperhidrosis community!
This is how I learned about extended release oral medication.

When I suggested it to my doctor they were interested in having me try it out. I was their only Hyperhidrosis patient who had tried various oral medications for treatment so it was fun to be able to share ideas on what would work best for me!

Let me tell you the benefits of extended release :
- Lasts longer
- Less side effects