Also known as Botulinum toxin has been used for treatment of Hyperhidrosis.

Botox Treatment for Hyperhidrosis 

In the interview, we have Hyperhidrosis researcher Dr. Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic and botox expert, nurse Cecilia Nimander.Learn everywhere you can put botox and everything you need to know about botox treatment for Hyperhidrosis!

Where on the body can Botox be administered?

Simple Answer: Everywhere* Not all providers have experience with using Botox in every area. It is advised to ask prior to treatment.

What types of Botox is used?

  • Botox A- lasts longer but affects the muscles more and has a higher tendency to cause temporary lack of function
  • Botox B - does not last as long as Botox A. Most commonly used for Hyperhidrosis with less side effects

Expenses of Botox

  • Variable to where you live and your healthcare coverage
  • In Sweden & Denmark hands and feet are covered by insurance meanwhile additional body parts will require patient to pay out of pocket.
  • In USA- mostly out of pocket


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