Interview with a Dermatologist

I had the pleasure of meeting California Skin Institute Dr. Robert Lee about a year ago. After my first appointment with him I cried tears of joy because I finally found a doctor who just knew about Hyperhidrosis, without me having to explain it. I cannot express how grateful I am to have met a provider that takes the time to answer all my questions, listen to my Hyperhidrosis experiences, and most importantly is open to exploring various treatment options that work for me!

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Interview Topics
  • Oral Medication during Pregnancy
  • ETS 
  • Treatment & Effectiveness
  • Is Hyperhidrosis forever
  • Updates on Hyperhidrosis

Is it safe to use Oral Medication during Pregnancy?

Oxybutynin is categorized as B for pregnant patients. This means, "Animal studies have not shown definitive evidence of harm to the fetus, but safety has not been established for women who are or may become pregnant" - NCBI
Regardless, many doctors advise to stop usage when pregnant. Dr. Robert Lee explain why!

Part One

There are many more effective options today for patients with Hyperhidrosis that ETS is not the most sought out treatment. Try a combination of treatments. 

Part Two

ETS surgery may be recommended for patients with "extreme or severe" Hyperhidrosis. Dr. Lee also emphasized the importance of understanding that our bodies NEED to sweat. 

What are the most common treatments and which are more effective?

How to prepare for your Dr. Visit

I show you how to wear sandals!

Is Hyperhidrosis for life?

This question came from one of my followers on @howtohyperhidrosis on instagram. There is a quick answer to this but I know as someone who lives with Hyperhidrosis , it is hard to hear. Dr. Robert Lee confirmed Hyperhidrosis is a condition patients manage their entire life. I personally use oral medication and topicals. I find this is the best way to secure dryness. Yes, Hyperhidrosis is for life but it does not have to consume your life. Which is why I created this resource to help you find what works for you, share your stories, and embrace the life we have sweaty body and all!
We are stronger together so join me and others on our lives with Hyperhidrosis @howtohyperhidrosis on Instagram.

How do providers learn more about Hyperhidrosis?

How to get Help?

If you are ready to try treatments or therapy the easiest option to find a provider would be to contact your insurance. They can give you a list of doctors in your network that can help you.

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