Wear Sandals

Today I was able to wear sandals out in public, go to a brewery, and sit on barstools! This is not a common liberty for someone like me who has Hyperhidrosis. I currently take 10 mg of Oxybuytin extended release oral medication. Despite its effectiveness, my feet are the hardest part of my body to stay dry.

After running, I had planned to meet friends at a brewery. When I was getting ready I really wanted to wear an outfit but sneakers nor booties would have matched. Yes, I could have easily just changed my outfit so that I can wear shoes that cover my feet but for one day I wanted to try wearing sandals. This required specific circumstances to fall into place.

First, I took a shower to make sure my feet were clean. Once clean, for the few mili seconds that I wiped them dry I put a pea size of Carpe. I put socks on immediately after. I was walking around my apartment getting ready when I got this feeling that they may start to sweat. It wasn't the tingling feeling I normally get, it was more of swelling in my feet.

Second test, was to actually take my socks off and walk around with my sandals. Again, I had to clean my sandals to make sure that there was no dirt from a previous attempt. I put my feet into the sandals and walked around in them while still getting ready. I took them off and put Carpe in between my toes (I had forgotten to do this initially). I felt pretty confident but there's always the fear that at any moment my feet will burst with sweat. Taking my oral medication consistently is also key in why my feet were not puddling out the gate.

After all of this, there was not one drop on my feet so I decide I was in the clear to go out in sandals. Once I got in the car though I put socks on. When we got to the brewery I took them off and walked inside to find out my friends were sitting at a high table with barstools. These are the worst tables for me. In the past it ends up being  just another opportunity to be exposed. Regardless, my feet were dry that day so I was able to sit at the barstools and enjoy a beer with my friends SWEAT FREEE!  
I have to emphasis that this is a rare experience. Most of the time I try this I end up regretting it. Don't worry I will be sharing those moments because let's be honest that probably happens more often then not.
Also take note that I don't use just any sandal. I have found a specific go to sandal that works both for my sweating and is cute. I will be posting those soon!

Sandals Criteria
  • Clean feet
  • Pants & Sweater
  • Carpe Topical
  • Oral Meds
  • Go to Sandals
  • Test barefoot
  • Test with sandals
  • Socks

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