Describe your experience of being in a bridal party.

Being in a bridal party was something I was certainly nervous about. I was panicking about the color of the dress and not being able to choose the style or fabric, etc. Overall, when I look back on both wedding days, I'm really happy that being sweaty/worrying about being sweaty were small parts of the days. 

"Being there to support my two best friends on their respective big days really outweighs worrying about sweat. "

This is not to say that I didn't have worries because I spent A LOT of time stressing before both days, but I had a blast at both weddings and sweat didn't stop me from partaking in all the wedding festivities!

  • Glycopyrrolate
  • Carpe Lotion
  • Zero Sweat
  • Napkin 
  • Summer Soles for my shoes
  • Staying inside in the AC
  • Wedding programs to fan myself
  • Ice in your glass

What color of dress did you have to wear?
What was the fabric of your dress/name/designer? 

Taupe and Blue/Gray
Both dresses were long and chiffon (aka the worst material to hide sweat other than silk).
Dress #1: Watters Micah in Mink
Dress #2 Dessy After Six in Silverstone

What color of shoes/heels did you wear?

The brides for both weddings requested a neutral shoe (nude, silver, or gold). I wore my Kelly and Katie Silver/Gold flats sandals with nude Summer Soles.

HOW TO Advice

  1. Find support systems on Instagram and Facebook for people with Hyperhidrosis. It felt SO much better reading other people's stories and knowing that I am not the only person who has the same struggles. 
  2. Remember that you were asked to be in a bridal party because you are an important part of someone's life. Whether or not you have shared your hyperhidrosis with this person, just remember the love they have for you. 
Hopefully, you have surrounded yourself with friends who would never judge you and would be as supportive as possible. It might help if you share your worries with them. I find that I feel better when I can laugh about my sweatiness with my good girl friends. Of course, it's not easy and it's ok to feel anxious and nervous about it, but your friend or family member loves you and wants you to have fun and enjoy their big day too! 

***BEST TRICK for any wedding: get a drink with lots of ice. If you need to shake someone's hand, do it with the cold wet hand that was just holding your drink, then apologize for your hand being so cold and's from the condensation of the glass!

Were you able to share your concerns about your sweat with anyone in the bridal party?

In one wedding, my best friend was the bride. She also has hyperhidrosis. She doesn't have it quite as bad as mine, but she understands, so we can make jokes about our mutual sweatiness. 
"Luckily I have someone in my life who can relate, because I don't think many people, even those who are closest to me, will ever truly understand the daily struggles because they aren't in my sweaty shoes."

What could have made your sweat more manageable?

Probably nothing. 
I did my best to keep a positive mindset so that being stressed about sweating didn't actually worsen my sweating. Being sweaty or not is usually not in my control. Which is really hard being that I am a control freak; so the only thing I can control is my mindset. 
I try to stay relaxed and present in the moment. I have heard that some people take beta blockers for nerves on big event days or speeches, but for a lot of us, we will sweat even when we're relaxed and just hanging out at home.
It doesn't always correlate to being nervous, so I haven't really considered trying that yet. Plus, that wouldn't be a long term solution, it would only be for big days.

Is there anything that made your sweat worse?

Humidity is the WORST. I have a 6th sense about the level of humidity outside. I can always predict how humid it is before I even go outside because my hands and feet KNOW. I will wake up sweating and nothing I do can stop it if there is a lot of moisture in the air. Luckily, the level of humidity was pretty low on both wedding days! I was the maid of honor in one wedding and had to give a speech, so my nerves were making me sweat more. I brought a little napkin up with me so I could wipe my hands.

Did you have to walk with a groomsman or partner?

Yes, this actually made things better for me since the attention was not only on me, so I could relax a bit more.

Location and weather of wedding day?

Both weddings were inside: one in a church and the other in a wedding venue.
Luckily, both days were nice weather! The first wedding was a warm but breezy day and the second wedding was actually a bit chilly. Luckily, I was not outside much for the chilly day because there is nothing worse than sweating when you're cold!

If you could go back in time what would you change, if anything about that day?

I prepared the best I could mentally, but luckily both weddings weren't terrible sweat days for me. 
I think staying present and trying not to worry about my sweat helped. I was with my husband and best girl friends so it was easier to relax and have fun!
Interested in sharing your sweaty story?

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