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Carpe has come out with a line for anything your sweaty body needs. I use the hands,feet, and underarm absorbing topicals on a daily basis. I recently started to use their new products for thigh and face! I'm obsessed. They have a smooth application, no irritation, and actually work! They are also compact enough to take them wherever you go. Next, I will be trying their on the go wipes! They've thought of it all!  If you haven't already, I recommend trying their products to see if they work for you! 

Fresh Breasts
Fresh Balls

 I use this for smoother application. I use it on my hands, feet, back, legs, and underarms. It is not as strong as Carpe but effective in different ways. 

Certain Dri

Certain dry is not as effective as the others. The application is more comfortable but I was more prone to skin irritations. 

Arm & Hammer Deodorant

I have been using this deodorant for about 5 years now. No Aluminum, No Parabens. They also sell unscented. 


I was given Qbrexza samples through my dermatologist. I applied it at night but during the day I still experienced sweating. Also, I wear contacts. Despite washing my hands in the morning, I felt like it was still on my hands because when I put in my contacts my eyes would get irritated. 

Formaldehyde Topical

Formaldehyde Topical 10% was a prescribed roll on I used for  my hands and feet at night. It reduced the sweating. My hands would swell when they wanted to sweat. Over time I became allergic to it. I experienced watery/burning eyes even though I did not apply near my face. I ultimately stopped using it because my skin would itch and become red.

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