I will be trying iontophoresis for the second time. Since the last time I used it over 10 years ago there has been so much more awareness about Hyperhidrosis and support for how to use the machine. I have a regimen set up for me by Dermadry and it will be adjusted as needed. Check out my experience below!
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Getting Started

I'm starting my journey to reduce my excessive sweating with Hyperhidrosis. In this video, I share MY 4 reasons why I chose Dermadry iontophoresis machine!

Hands & Feet Treatment

This isn't just a journey about finding a way to reduce sweat from Hyperhidrosis, but its an opportunity to make time for yourself. Sandals and now conversations with people without sweating are an added perk! This is what taking time for myself looks like after week 1 using Dermadry iontophoresis machine to treat my hands, feet, and underarms.

Underarm Treatment

Success with iontophoresis! I want to thank Dermadry for giving me the freedom to enjoy a day outside without worrying about sweating through my clothes or overheating (which was a concern when I was taking oral medication). Not having to worry about Hyperhidrosis, frees up my time so that I can be present in the moment and carefree!

Safety Features

You can do it all! When starting something new, it is normal to feel nervous. I did before starting iontophoresis. Yet, while using the Dermadry iontophoresis machine, I have learned how to de-stress while reducing my sweat.

Don't let your fear of the unknown stop you from seeking the life you want for yourself! Hyperhidrosis does not define you. So go out and grab life by your sweaty hands or your dry hands, dry feet, and dry underarms with the #Dermadrytotal machine.


My socks are so DRY I don't even know if they are dirty .... said NO ONE with Hyperhidrosis. It usually takes 0.5 seconds for my socks to be drenched. Am I right?

UNTIL NOW! I promise you that sniffing my socks didn't help determine if they were ready for the laundry. That is how dry my feet have been since using iontophoresis with @Dermadry. Dry socks isn't the only perk! Watch my results and how to maintain dryness!

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What stops you from trying something new?
How can I do this and that with Hyperhidrosis, if I've never seen anyone like me do it ?

Watch as I answer some of the most common questions asked during my journey using iontophoresis with Dermadry.
Does it hurt? Did it work?

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Try DermaDry Iontophoresis Machine

For $50 off use code: H2H 


I tried the Drionic machine over ten years ago. It was recommended by my dermatologist at the time with very little knowledge of how to use it. Needless to say, I had minimal improvement with lack of support on how to make adjustments if needed.