Gift Guide

Carpe Topical

The perfect stocking stuffer! What I love is that everything is small enough to fit into a purse or bag and there is something for everyone! I use this daily!


This shirt not only motivated me to work out, but I could comfortably wear it when I was casually hanging out because I knew my sweat would be creatively displayed! I can wipe my sweat on my shirt with no shame.  No more hiding sweat!

Koldtec Wearable Cooling Gear

Im excited to use the Koldtec Ice towel. I've heard people use it at work  and under their clothes to keep them cool throughout the day.


I take these everywhere I go! They are discrete enough to hide in my sweater or jacket and I can bring them out to wipe my hands or face!


Saw results at the end of the 1st week! Check out my experience and tips /treatments/iontophoresis


This is "designed to wick away moisture keeping you cool, dry, and protected."  The sweat wick technology is key to managing sweat.

Funky Feet Deodorizing Spray

For a natural solution to stinky feet and shoes. Keeps my shoes smelling fresh and ready for work!

Poo-Pourri Shoe Odor Eliminator

This makes my shoes smell great! Works really well for my sweaty shoes.

Microfiber Towel Scrunchies by Kitsch

Microfiber scrunchies that absorb moisture in your hair. I mean, yes yes yes! Microfiber is one of the best materials I have found to absorb sweat without that wet feeling.

Laulas Undeshirt for Underarm Sweat

I look forward to testing out these undershirts to protect my clothes from the underarm sweat stains I so often try to hide. 

Livity Yoga Mats

The Eco-friendly cork yoga mat is also sweat friendly! The yoga mat has a cork surface that has the ability to absorb sweat and becomes grippier when wet. So it protects you from slips and great for hot yoga!

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